How I Got Into Podcasting

Learn what got me started.


I never thought I’d get into podcasting, not even once. I don’t even really listen to a lot of podcasts because I am not a very auditory person. I learn by reading and seeing. I even watch TV with captions because it helps me to understand it better.

Then one day, I fell in love… with a podcast.

I can’t remember exactly why I started watching it, but I can say that I’m super glad I did. I have been a huge Jenna Marbles fan since she first got onto YouTube. When she started dating Julien Solomita, I began to watch his vlogs too. And holy cow, I loved them as much as I loved her videos. His artistic editing style combined with his funny personality had me obsessed. I wanted more Jenna and more Julien, so I decided to see what else they had out there. Jenna has a radio show, they both have a gaming channel, and hey… that’s cool, they have a podcast too.

Keep in mind up until that point, I was not a fan of podcasts. The closest thing I got to listening to a podcast was that one time my friend turned on Donald Glover’s stand up comedy album. This one had me hooked though; The Jenna Julien podcast. And it was a video podcast too! They didn’t say anything that really needed a visual, but seeing them on screen really kept me interested. After a while, I was able to listen to it while cleaning up or doing homework, and not having to look at them.

I have always been the type of person that couldn’t just stick to one thing. I’m an filmmaker at heart, but also an artist, a writer, a musician, and apparently, also a podcast host. I still want to be a teacher, a lawyer, an airplane pilot, and a circus aerialist. I just sat down one day and said, “Hey, I guess I could host my own podcast too. What could it hurt?” I want to do it all.

If it wasn’t for Jenna and Julien, I never would’ve discovered one of my greatest passions: podcasting. They don’t know it, but I truly can’t thank them enough.